A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words.

Array of Words

The Bond for Life

It’s my precious little secret but with you I can share,
Cuz you would treat it as your own, I know you care,
It’s three hours into the night, but I can call you,
Knowing that you will always be there when I get all gloomy and blue,
I can tell you my fears, you wont make fun,
Cuz in my rain of worries, you are like a bright sun,
Such is the bond of friendship which grows with time,
It is the most lovely song with an enchanting rhyme,
When life gets you low and the happy moments are few,
And no matter how bad things get, a friend will always stick with you,
With friends, the sad span is short, the happy days stay,
The bright colourful rainbow takes over the shades of gray,
These people form an imperative part, cherish them,
However crazy and weird they are, each one is a gem!


Being 5

Those days of tiny steps, of an innocent face, When it was a difficult task even to tie a lace, When life was nothing but carefree living, And life’s true joy was in sharing and giving, When it was a simple thing to have fun, Like a game of hide and seek, or a meaningless run, When we were utterly clueless where life wanted us to go, When our favorite cartoon’s timings and what games to play was all we cared to know, When all were artists with shades dark and light, When the silliest things were the reason for a fight, When we had no worries, no decisions to take, No goals to achieve, no careers to make, Wish there was a way to go back to these days, As being a child was life’s best phase!

Photo Magic

Photos, they create a story of your memories. They take you back in time, make you go all nostalgic. You see a picture of your childhood, and try to remember the moment and spin a tale around it, but let’s face it you fail. Your parents, uncles, aunties have all taken pictures of you and created this huge album but you don’t remember a thing as to why and when were they taken. And obviously there is the pile of embarrassing photos, which you wish didn’t exist. Of you running around in a chaddi, or dressed up as a princess with all the pink and the tiaras, (adds up to more awkward situations if you’re a boy) of you on your first day to school all red due to the crying, and yes the stark naked pictures too (accept it you have it too). While you don’t know what all you did as a toddler, the photos do. They are a great way to take a trip down the memory lane. The big happy family that used to be is now separated into tiny ones, so they relive their time together by displaying the family portraits on the walls of their new homes. Photography is correctly described as an art of capturing a live moment and making it into a still one (that is just me and not the actual definition). This still photo has the capacity to leave an everlasting impression. So the next time you look at a photo, try to think of all the little things that might have led to creating it. And if you didn’t quite catch any of that (a fair possibility) then, well just look at the pretty colors.

All Over Again

And once more its time for us to part, time for you to leave, I sense the space between us about to be growing, Thinking to myself, i’ll miss that face, d smile on it which is glowing, Even though you’ll be leaving, your presence would linger here, It drives me crazy and also gets along fear, Fear of not seeing you soon, not being with you, Cuz no matter how many hours we spend together, it always seems like a few, I hear you pause, then you put your arms around me, I wish I could just freeze the time, There, in that moment I feel all the waiting was worthwhile, And for you, I’d do it all over again!


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