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Tears and Trauma.

Tears and Trauma.

Tears and Trauma.

I am not a toy to be played with,
Not a thing to be used and discarded,
I have a life to live,
A life which now holds the marks of demons which I cannot escape, the demons who lurk in the dark and have befouled my soul and rendered me profane,
A life which will always bear the stains of the pain, the trouble,
Was I at fault? Was it all to be blamed on me?
And yet the demons fled without a care in the world and it is me who will be put to shame,
I will be the one at the pointing end of fingers,
The one to bear all the whispers and chats,
The world would try and be kind to me, but they would all tell a different tale at the back,
The problems would have to be faced alone, there won’t be any one to hold my hand,
In this odyssey of my existence, I won’t get what I always dreamt of,
Life would be harsh on me, and I would be expected to bear it that way.


Credits : Sketch by – Disha Rathod , Poem by – Henal Jhaveri


It’s Life!

Its Life!It’s Life!

I see it, the casket being lowered into the dirt,
There are so many things I wish to say but words fail me,
I think of all the moments that made you the lively person you were,
But yet here you lay, still as a stone,
Life plays its cruel jokes, departing clueless souls,
Annihilating the lives of the near ones and leaving behind incurable scars and holes,
In this world, you arrived empty handed and you depart the same,
For death, all stand equal, no money, no class, no fame,
The end comes at the least contemplated day,
The esse of life ceases, the bones become an ash of gray,
Don’t let the flames and dirt take away what’s vital and can be put to use for the less fortunate,
Pledge to donate your organs, a selfless act which is really great,
A small effort on your part would bring about wonders in certain lives, play that part,
Let your eyes brighten up a blind’s world, let someone’s dreams beat in your heart,
The course of life is such that which is created has to die,
This is the ultimate truth, though it appears to be wry,
In this journey, you will lose your loved ones, your friend, a companion or even a new born,
It’s all a part of the mortal world, and as they always say life goes on!

-Henal Jhaveri

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